Lauvaasen Mountain Lodge
2646 Gålå, Norway

Cabins and accomodation

The landmark of Lauvåsen, Langleiken, was buildt in 1898 and is now fully modernized to present day standard.

In addittion, we can offer a number of newly buildt and well equipped log cabins with nice atmosphere and panoramic views. The cabins are equipped with toilet, shower and a modern kitchen where you will find all you need to cook our own meals.

The large lodge comprises 11 rooms, accommodating a total of 20 - 25 people. Shower and toilet facilities are not en-suite, but are separate. Fully equipped for self-catering. Catering can, of course, be easily provided.
Knerten og Veslestuggu
These are two small but very pleasant cottages, suitable for two to three persons in each.
Hønhuset, Synnavind, Nordavind og Sørensenstuggu
These are all cottages with super views. Each has two bedrooms, accommodating six people,

We also have plots of land and cottages for sale at Lauvåsen.

Lauvåsen Mountain Lodge - 2646 Gålå, Norway - Tel (+47) 61 29 64 45 - Fax (+47) 61 29 64 46 - post (at)