Lauvaasen Mountain Lodge
2646 Gålå, Norway


Here in the realm of Peer Gynt we are pleased to share with you this place of ours. Because of its rich history and old traditions, you will have gathered that Lauvåsen is very special. Located in the middle of the mountains, it lies in a lovely location with spectacular views.

Here you can stay in modern cottages, which still have soul and atmosphere. Here you are served home-made, traditional Norwegian food. Whether on foot or on skis, cycling or just meandering with a fishing rod, here you can experience the peace and natural harmony of the great outdoors - or simply take it all in as you watch the sun setting behind the peaks. Here at Lauvasen you can be happy sharing days with the ones you love ... here we are happy to wish you welcome.

Tore Strand

From Lauvåsen's history

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